Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Choose Curtains for Your Windows

Homefix Corporation specializes in energy efficient windows, so we know all about the various benefits that replacement windows can bring. However, after the installation is over and the professionals have left, the job is not quit finished.

To get the most of your beautiful windows, you will need to frame them accordingly, with the proper curtains. So how do you choose the proper type and placement of window dressing for your particular windows?

This illustration above (click through to view the source) shows how the different placements of the curtain rod change the appearance of the window. Extending the curtain rod past the edge of the window allows for the entire window to be visible when the curtains are open, rather than restricting the view to only the center portion.

Hanging your curtains wider than the window also has the effect of making the room appear larger. Similarly, hanging the curtain rods higher than the window itself will create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Sheer, floor length curtains are light and flowy, and they can look great in any room. However, they don't offer privacy, so if you plan on using them, you may want to incorporate some kind of blinds. A valance or window scarf along the top of the window serves as the perfect hiding place for blinds that are not in use.

Much like an accent wall can add a pop of interest or color to a room, curtains can be used to make a statement as well. Make sure it is the right statement for your space by considering how it will match with the decor. While they do not need to be the exact same color as the furniture, or the wall, a complementary shade will flow nicely and blend in with the rest of the room, while a contrasting shade will draw attention.

This house, from HGTV, shows how complementing shades of curtains add to a room.

Don't buy the same curtains in bulk for the entire house! Instead, plan the color and material to complement the rest of the room, instead of leaving your curtains as an afterthought.

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